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Hell Yeah. 420 special, 14.5 grams of the Mango Dream for total 92 bucks donation, plus a fat nug for my first time. Quite dankalicious, and I am a connoisseur. Keep your eye out for that DOGO apparently. I'm impressed by their generosity. It's nice to see somewhere that will take really good (top shelf in this case) care of you if you aren't rolling in $$ this month. Props.–Snidley Whiplash, Weed Maps

Very friendly staff, delivery was only 10 minutes longer than said, which is great. I do understand that they can get busy, especially on a Friday between 5-6pm, so I can't complain...don't know why anyone would! When I ordered I was told I would get a pre-roll for my 1st time and instead recieved Orange Cheesecake, which is DELICIOUS and really does the trick!! I fell down some stairs and really hurt my knee a couple of nights ago and after sucking on a piece of the candy, my knee no longer hurts. Thanks again!!! :D –redroeder, Weed Maps

I am really impressed with the amount of selection here. There is always helpful service when I call for an order, and their pricing cap deals are solid deals. I just want to say thanks to everyone at Green Cuisine, for making my experience fantastic.–ctinsb, Weed Maps